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Figure skating is a sport with participants across the world. Originally based in North American and European countries, the sport has experienced a major expansion in the countries of East Asia.

The international governing body of the sport is the International Skating Union (ISU). Only those nations which are members of the International Skating Union are allowed to compete in the figure skating events in the Olympic Games.


Country ISU member Governing body Official site Skaters Additional
South Africa Yes South African Figure Skating Association Category


Country ISU member Governing body Official site Skaters Additional
Argentina Provisional Federación Argentina de Patinaje Sobre Hielo Category
Brazil Yes Brazilian Ice Sports Federation Category
Canada Yes Skate Canada Category
Mexico Yes Federacion Mexicana de Deportes Invernales Category
Puerto Rico Provisional Puerto Rico Skating Federation Category
United States Yes U.S. Figure Skating Category


Country ISU member Governing body Official site Skaters Additional
China Yes Chinese Skating Association Category  Macau – Macau Skating Union
Hong Kong Yes Hong Kong Skating Union Category
India Yes Ice Skating Association of India Category
Indonesia Yes Skyrink Jakarta
Japan Yes Japan Skating Federation Category
Kazakhstan Yes Skating Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Category
Malaysia Provisional Ice Skating Association of Malaysia
Mongolia Yes Skating Union of Mongolia
North Korea Yes Skating Association of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Category
Pakistan No Pakistan Skating Association
Philippines Yes Philippine Skating Union Category
Singapore Provisional Singapore Ice Skating Association Category
South Korea Yes Korea Skating Union Category
Chinese Taipei Yes Chinese Taipei Skating Union Category
Thailand Yes Figure and Speed Skating Association of Thailand Category
Turkmenistan No Figure Skating Federation of the Republic of Turkmenistan
Uzbekistan Yes Figure Skating Federation of the Republic of Uzbekistan Category


Some countries within Asia are listed here if they may compete at the European Championships.

Country ISU member Governing body Official site Skaters Additional
Andorra Yes Federacio Andorrana d’Esports de Gel Category
Armenia Yes Figure Skating Federation of Armenia Category
Austria Yes Österreichischer Eiskunstlauf Verband Category
Azerbaijan Yes The Skating Federation of Azerbaijan Republic Category
Belarus Yes Skating Union of Belarus Category
Belgium Yes Federation Royale Belge de Patinage Artistique Category
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes Skating Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina Category
Bulgaria Yes Bulgarian Skating Federation Category
Croatia Yes Croatia Skating Federation Category
Cyprus Yes Cyprus Ice Skating Federation
Czech Republic Yes Czech Figure Skating Association Category
Denmark Yes Danske Skøjte Union Category
Estonia Yes The Estonian Skating Union Category
Finland Yes Suomen Taitoluisteluliitto Category
France Yes Federation Française des Sports de Glace Category
Georgia Yes Georgian Figure Skating Association Category
Germany Yes Deutsche Eislauf-Union e.V. Category
Gibraltar No Gibraltar Skating Association
Greece Yes Hellenic Ice Sports Federation Category Last permanent ice rink closed in May 2003.
Hungary Yes Hungarian National Skating Federation Category
Iceland Yes Icelandic Skating Association Category
Ireland Yes Ice Skating Association of Ireland Category
Israel Yes Israel Ice Skating Federation Category
Italy Yes Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio Category
Latvia Yes Latvian Skating Association Category
Lithuania Yes Lithuania Skating Federation Category
Luxembourg Yes Union Luxembourgeoise de Patinage Category
Monaco Yes Federation Monegasque de Patinage Category
Montenegro Yes Skating Association Of Montenegro Category
Netherlands Yes Koninklijke Nederlandsche Schaatsenrijders Bond Category
Norway Yes Norges Skøyteforbund Category
Poland Yes Polish Figure Skating Association Category
Portugal Provisional Federação Portuguesa de Patinagem Category
Romania Yes Romanian Skating Federation Category
Russia Yes Figure Skating Federation of Russia Category
San Marino No Federazione San Marin Sport del Ghiaccio
Serbia Yes Serbian Skating Association Category
Slovakia Yes Slovak Figure Skating Association Category
Slovenia Yes Slovene Skating Union Category
Spain Yes Federación Española de Deportes de Hielo Category
Sweden Yes Svenska Konståkningsförbundet Category
Switzerland Yes Schweizer Eislauf-Verband Category
Turkey Yes Turkish Ice Sports Federation Category
Ukraine Yes Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation Category
United Kingdom Yes National Ice Skating Association of Great Britain and N.I. Category  Northern Ireland – The Northern Ireland Ice Skating Federation
 Scotland – Skate Scotland
 Wales – Welsh Ice Skating Association


Country ISU member Governing body Official site Skaters Additional
Australia Yes Ice Skating Australia Category State associations:
 Australian Capital Territory
 New South Wales
 South Australia
 Western Australia
New Zealand Yes New Zealand Ice Skating Association Category


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