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Persian Hip-Hop Music
Stylistic origins Funk, spoken word, signifying, the dozens, electronic
Cultural origins 90's, Tehran, Iran
Typical instruments Vocalssamplerkeyboardsguitarstringspiano
Fusion genres
Regional scenes

Iranian hip hop, also called Persian hip hop, is a style of Hip hop music developed in Tehran City.123 It is influenced by the American rap music but it is also credited with inspiration from the contemporary Iranian music.


A 30-second preview of Erfan's "Nemitooni Band Koni Paamo Be Zamin".

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Persian hip hop emerged in the late 1980s, from Tehran City, the capital of Iran.4

021 was one of the very first Tehran-based Persian rap bands, which has taken its name from the area code of Tehran, and was founded by Soroush Lashkary, better known by his stage name Hichkas.5 He uses elements of Persian traditional music combined with hip hop67 and has a unique theistic and nationalistic lyrical style, avoiding vulgar words while referring to social issues.6 His first Album, 'Asphalt Jungle' (Persian: Jangale Āsfālt‎), was one of the first Persian rap albums in Iran and brought much recognition to his name in Iranian communities.6

Other notable performers include Zedbazi Band, Erfan, Saloome, and YAS.


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