Iraqi National Dialogue Front

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Iraqi National Dialogue Front
الجبهة العراقية للحوار الوطني
Leader Saleh al-Mutlaq
Founded 2005 (2005)
Ideology Arab Nationalism
Seats in the Council of Representatives of Iraq
16 / 325
Seats in the local governorate councils
11 / 440
Politics of Iraq
Political parties

The Iraqi Front for National Dialogue (Arabic: الجبهة العراقية للحوار الوطني al-Jabha al-Iraqia li al-Hiwar al-Watani) also known as Hiwar is a Sunni Arab-led Iraqi political party. It is currently part of the secular Iraqiyya coalition.

Originally formed to contest the December 2005 elections, it described itself as a non-sectarian coalition that wants to end the presence of foreign troops and to rebuild government institutions.

The main components were initially:

The coalition included Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Yezidis and Shabaks.

The Front is distinct from the Iraqi National Dialogue Council, headed by Khalaf al-Ulayyan, which is a component of the Iraqi Accord Front.

Mutlaq campaigned against the constitution in the October 2005 referendum, and refused to join the other main Sunni Arab-led list, Iraqi Accord Front because that group's largest component, the Iraqi Islamic Party, had backed the new constitution, which Mutlaq rejected due to it granting federalism and autonomy to different regions, and also because it did not emphasise Iraq's Arab identity.1

The Front performed relatively well in the December 2005 election, winning 11 seats, but complained of widespread electoral fraud and called for a re-run of the poll.

Prior to the 2010 Iraqi Elections it joined the secular Iraqiyya coalition and was allocated 16 out of their 91 seats in the Council of Representatives of Iraq, becoming the biggest individual party with a Sunni Arab majority.


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