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Isthmus-34 Light is a sour crude oil produced in Mexico mainly in the Campeche zone, in the Gulf of Mexico along with the extraction centers in Chiapas, Tabasco, and Veracruz.1 The name derives from the nearby Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the oil is a component of the OPEC Reference Basket (despite the fact that Mexico is not a part of OPEC).2 It has the following characteristics:

Properties Isthmus
Density (20 °C) 0.8535 g/cm³
  API gravity 33.74 °API
  60 °F (15.6 °C) 65.6 Saybolt Universal Seconds (SUS)
  70 °F (21.1 °C) 57.8 SUS
  77 °F (25.0 °C) 54.5 SUS
Sulphur total, weight % 1.45
Oils, weight % 89.2
Alkanes, weight % 8.1

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