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Bol Saache Durbar ki Jai !The young men of Muktsar (Punjab) pay their tribute to Maa Sherawali

Jāgran( जागरण ) or jāgrata ( जागरता ) is a way of worship by Hindus. They worship the Goddess Durga throughout night by sacrificing their night and singing bhajans, reciting aarti, story of tara rani. The process of jagran starts with initiating holy fire called "Jyoti Prajwalit karna". Then starts aarti followed by bhajans. Reciting of story of tara rani is finalisation of the Jagran.

As the worship is done by a priest, so jagran is also done by priest. The person or family that want to get the worship of goddess done makes a prayer to priest who accepts the prayer and on the fixed day he completes the worship in religious way.

Money is not material in jagrans. There is no fee fixed. Where the family or person want to worship goddess, he may spend money lavishly and pay to the best of his capacity to the priest but where it is not so the jagran is done in simple manner with minimum expenditure. The expense covers fee of priest and his team, expense on prashad, lights, tents, tea, etc. during night and in case of extreme cold or hot the expense on water, bedding etc. if necessary. The expense therefore depends upon the person and not on rituals.

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