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Jim Todd is a professional basketball coach currently as an assistant for the New York Knicks.

NBA coaching career

Los Angeles Clippers

He was the coach at Salem State College for nearly ten years, and coached the Los Angeles Clippers for half a season in 2000, replacing Chris Ford. His focus was power forwards and centers. He was well known for his "Big Man" basketball camp dedicated to the development of post players.

Toronto Raptors & Milwaukee Bucks

Todd left the Toronto Raptors for the Milwaukee Bucks on June 13, 2007.

Atlanta Hawks

Todd joined the Atlanta Hawks coaching staff on July 16, 2008, where he was an assistant for two seasons.

Sacramento Kings

Todd joined the Sacramento Kings coaching staff as an assistant, on December 7, 2011.

New York Knicks

Todd joined the New York Knicks coaching staff as an assistant, on March 17, 2012.1

Personal life

Todd and his wife Gail, retired, reside in Westford, Massachusetts.2


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