Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter

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Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter1
Operator ESA1
Mission type Orbiter
Launch date proposed for 20201
Launch vehicle Ariane 5
Mission duration at least 9 years
Orbital insertion date 2025/2026
Homepage ESA Webpage on Laplace/EJSM
Mass 957 kg
Power Solar panels
Orbital elements
Semimajor axis 200 km (Final orbit around Ganymede)
Inclination 86° (Final orbit around Ganymede)

Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter was a part of the international Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM). The Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter (JGO) was a proposed orbiter probe by the ESA slated for lift-off in 2020.1 Plans for the mission include detailed studies of Jupiter's moons Ganymede and Callisto as well as the Jovian magnetosphere.

It was superseded by Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer.2

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