Kaveh Golestan

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Kaveh Golsetan
کاوه گلستان
Kaveh Golestan.jpg
Born July 8, 1950
Tehran, Iran
Died April 2, 2003(2003-04-02) (aged 53)
Kifri, Iraq
Education Millfield1
Occupation Photographer
Family Ebrahim Golestan
Lili Golestan
Mehrak Golestan

Kāveh Golestān Taghavi Shirazi (8 July 1950 - April 2, 2003), (Persian: کاوه گلستان ‎) was an Iranian photojournalist and artist. Golestan was educated at Millfield School in Somerset, England.2

In 1988, working as a freelance photographer, he took the first pictures of the aftermath of Halabja poison gas attack during the Iran-Iraq War.

On April 2, 2003, he was killed at the age of 53, as a result of stepping on a land mine while working for the BBC in Kifri, Iraq.3 He is buried in a cemetery in the east of Tehran.4


Kāveh Golestān and his sister Lili

Kaveh was the son of the Iranian filmmaker and writer Ebrahim Golestan and the brother of Lili Golestan,5 translator and the owner-artistic director of the Golestan Gallery in Tehran, Iran.

Kaveh was married to Hengāmeh Golestān, with a son, Mehrak.

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