Kiribati at the Olympics

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Kiribati at the Olympic Games

Flag of Kiribati
IOC code  KIR
NOC Kiribati National Olympic Committee
Olympic history
Summer Games

The island nation of Kiribati first participated in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Its delegation consisted of weightlifter Meamea Thomas and sprinters Kakianako Nariki and Kaitinano Mwemweata.

After participating in the Commonwealth Games for the first time in 1998, Kiribati started working towards membership of the International Olympic Committee. During a meeting of the IOC in Prague in 2003, Kiribati was accepted into the organization and was set to participate in the 2004 games. The country's name was notably mispronounced by officials in all three languages -French, English and Greek- during the opening ceremony.1

List of athletes

Kaitinano Mwemweata – 2004 (First Olympian)
Kakianako Nariki – 2004
Meamea Thomas – 2004

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  1. ^ "Small step at Olympics is giant leap for tiny island nation", Mike Lopresti, USA Today, August 19, 2008. The correct pronunciation is Kee-ree-buss.

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