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Bobby Clarke during the warmup for the 2012 NHL Winter Classic Alumni Game with the captains 'C' visible on his uniform.

The Philadelphia Flyers are a professional ice hockey team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are members of the Metropolitan Division of the National Hockey League's (NHL) Eastern Conference. The Flyers were founded in 1967 as one of six expansion teams, increasing the size of the NHL at that time to 12 teams.1

Since the franchise was established, the team has had 19 team captains,2 including Bobby Clarke, who led the Flyers to two Stanley Cups in 1974 and 1975. Clarke served the longest single stint, 7 seasons, as Flyers team captain and 9 seasons total while Eric Lindros and Dave Poulin each served 6 seasons as team captain. Claude Giroux is the current team captain and was named to the position on January 15, 2013.2

In the NHL, each team may select a captain. Along with the two alternate captains, they have the "privilege of discussing with the referee any questions relating to interpretation of rules which may arise during the progress of a game".34 Captains are required to wear the letter "C" on their uniform for identification, which is 3 inches (7.6 cm) high.3


* Stanley Cup (SC) winner (as Flyers team captain), Flyers Hall of Famer (FHOF) or Hockey Hall of Famer (HHOF)
# Number of team captains
dagger Replaced during the season
double-dagger Traded during the season, no replacement named

Team captains

Mike Richards served as the Flyers team captain for three seasons.
Chris Pronger served as the Flyers team captain for one season and during 2012-13 lockout.
Claude Giroux is the Flyers current team captain.
# Captain Position Seasons Reason for end of captaincy Notes
1 Angotti, LouLou Angotti Center 1 (1967–68) Traded to the St. Louis Blues on June 11, 1968.5
2 Van Impe, EdEd Van Impe* Defense 5 (196873)dagger Stepped aside in favor of Clarke in January 1973.6 FHOF 1993
3 Clarke, BobbyBobby Clarke* Center 7 (197379) Became a playing assistant coach prior to the 1979–80 season and could not be team captain due to NHL rules.7 SC 1974
SC 1975
HHOF 1987
FHOF 1988
4 Bridgman, MelMel Bridgman Center 2 (197981) Head coach Pat Quinn replaced Bridgman with Barber prior to the 1981–82 season.8
5 Barber, BillBill Barber* Left Wing 2 (198183)dagger Clarke, no longer a playing assistant coach, reassumed the captaincy from Barber in January 1983.79 FHOF 1989
HHOF 1990
6 Clarke, BobbyBobby Clarke* Center 2 (198384) Retired to become the team's general manager on May 15, 1984.7 HHOF 1987
FHOF 1988
7 Poulin, DaveDave Poulin* Center 6 (198489)dagger Stripped of captaincy in December 1989.1011 FHOF 2004
8 Sutter, RonRon Sutter Center 2 (198991) Traded to the St. Louis Blues on September 22, 1991.12
9 Tocchet, RickRick Tocchet Right Wing 1 (1991–92)double-dagger Traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins on February 19, 1992.13 [A]
10 Dineen, KevinKevin Dineen Right Wing 1 (1993–94) Stepped aside in favor of Lindros on September 6, 1994.14
11 Lindros, EricEric Lindros Center 6 (19942000)dagger General manager Bob Clarke stripped him of the captaincy on March 27, 2000 after he criticized the team's medical staff.15
12 Desjardins, EricEric Desjardins Defense 3 (200001)dagger Resigned captaincy on October 23, 2001.16
13 Primeau, KeithKeith Primeau Center 4 (200106) Retired due to post-concussion syndrome on September 14, 2006.17
14 Hatcher, DerianDerian Hatcher Defense 1 (2006) Was captain on an interim basis from January 29, 200618 through September 2006.19 [B]
15 Forsberg, PeterPeter Forsberg Center 1 (2006–07)double-dagger Traded to the Nashville Predators on February 15, 2007.20
16 Smith, JasonJason Smith Defense 1 (2007–08) Signed with the Ottawa Senators on July 8, 2008.21
17 Richards, MikeMike Richards Center 3 (200811) Traded to the Los Angeles Kings on June 23, 2011.22
18 Pronger, ChrisChris Pronger Defense 1 (201113) Stepped aside in favor of Giroux on January 15, 20132 as a result of continuing post-concussion syndrome which has placed his playing career in jeopardy.
19 Giroux, ClaudeClaude Giroux Center 2 (2013present)


  • A The Flyers did not name a new captain following the Tocchet trade for the remainder of the 1991–92 season and the entire 1992–93 season.
  • B Keith Primeau suffered a concussion on October 25, 2005 in a game against the Montreal Canadiens and missed the rest of the season.17 On January 29, 2006, Hatcher was named interim team captain for the duration of Primeau's absence.18 He is officially counted as the 14th captain in franchise history.18

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