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This is a list of active Royal Navy ships, complete and correct on 12 January 2014.

In total there are 79 commissioned ships in the navy. 19 of the commissioned vessels are major surface combatants (6 guided missile destroyers and 13 frigates) and 11 are nuclear-powered submarines (4 ballistic missile submarines and 7 fleet submarines). In addition the Navy possesses an aircraft carrier (though without fixed-wing aircraft), an amphibious assault ship, two amphibious transport docks, 15 mine countermeasures vessels, 24 patrol vessels, 4 survey vessels and two historic warships (Victory and Bristol). The total displacement of the Royal Navy is approximately 362,000 tonnes (or 797,000 tonnes including the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Royal Marines).

Besides the Royal Navy, the Naval Service also includes the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and the Royal Marines. Both of these constituent parts of the Naval Service operate their own fleets of naval vessels which contribute to the available seagoing assets of the Royal Navy, however they are not included in this list or the above figures. In addition, naval training vessels can be found based at various Royal Navy shore establishments.

Although not a formal part of the Naval Service, 'Marine Services' provided by the joint venture under Serco Denholm operates a range of auxiliary ships (coastal logistics, tugs, research vessels, etc.) in support of the Royal Navy for both port and deep water operations. In 2008 there were approximately 110 vessels in operation.1 Serco Denholm took over Marine Services to the Royal Navy from the former Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service in 2008 under a PFI contract with the Ministry of Defence.2

All ships and submarines currently in commission with the Royal Navy were built in the United Kingdom, with the exception of Endurance and Protector which were built in Norway. All vessels of the Royal Navy bear the ship prefix "HMS" - Her (or His) Majesty's Ship - with the exception of Gleaner which bears the prefix "HMSML" - Her (or His) Majesty's Survey Motor Launch.

For a list of ships no longer in service with the Royal Navy see; List of ship names of the Royal Navy.

Submarine service


Note: All submarines of the Royal Navy are nuclear-powered.

Class Picture Type Boats DisplacementN 1 Note
Submarines (11 in Service)
Astute-class HMS Ambush long.jpg Fleet submarine (SSN) HMS Astute (S119)
HMS Ambush (S120)
7,400 tonnes Five more to be commissioned.
Trafalgar-class HMS Tireless S-88.jpg Fleet submarine (SSN) HMS Tireless (S88)
HMS Torbay (S90)
HMS Trenchant (S91)
HMS Talent (S92)
HMS Triumph (S93)
5,300 tonnes Class is gradually being replaced by the Astute-class submarines.
Vanguard-class Vanguard at Faslane 02.jpg Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) HMS Vanguard (S28)
HMS Victorious (S29)
HMS Vigilant (S30)
HMS Vengeance (S31)
15,900 tonnes A Trident replacement programme is in its early stages, with 'Main Gate' decisions to be made in 2016.

Surface fleet

Amphibious warfare ships

Note: In addition to the vessels below, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary possess three Bay-class dock landing ships (LSD) and the Royal Marines maintain a large fleet of landing craft.

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Amphibious warfare ships (4 in Service)
Albion-class HMS Albion MOD 45151289.jpg Amphibious transport dock (LPD) HMS Albion (L14)
HMS Bulwark (L15)
19,560 tonnes Albion is in extended readiness.3
Bulwark is the current Fleet Flagship.4
HMS Ocean MOD 45151277.jpg Amphibious assault ship (LPH) HMS Ocean (L12) 21,500 tonnes Ocean is in refit.56 Due to re-enter service in 2014.
Invincible-class HMS Illustrious MOD 45154447.jpg Aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious (R06) 22,000 tonnes In service as an amphibious assault ship (LPH) and due to be decommissioned in 2014.78

Destroyers and frigates

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Frigates and destroyers (19 in Service)
Type 45 or Daring-class HMS Daring (D32) Guided missile destroyer HMS Daring (D32)
HMS Dauntless (D33)
HMS Diamond (D34)
HMS Dragon (D35)
HMS Defender (D36)
HMS Duncan (D37)
8,500 tonnes910
Type 23 or Duke-class HMS Monmouth (F235) Frigate HMS Argyll (F231)
HMS Lancaster (F229)
HMS Iron Duke (F234)
HMS Monmouth (F235)
HMS Montrose (F236)
HMS Westminster (F237)
HMS Northumberland (F238)
HMS Richmond (F239)
HMS Somerset (F82)
HMS Sutherland (F81)
HMS Kent (F78)
HMS Portland (F79)
HMS St Albans (F83)
4,900 tonnes Class to be gradually replaced by the Global Combat Ship starting 2020.

Mine countermeasure vessels

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Mine countermeasure vessels (15 in Service)
Hunt-class HMS Middleton in the Straits of Hormuz MOD 45154689.jpg Minehunter HMS Ledbury (M30)
HMS Cattistock (M31)
HMS Brocklesby (M33)
HMS Middleton (M34)
HMS Chiddingfold (M37)
HMS Atherstone (M38)
HMS Hurworth (M39)
HMS Quorn (M41)
750 tonnes11
Sandown-class HMS Pembroke MOD 45150247.jpg Minehunter HMS Penzance (M106)
HMS Pembroke (M107)
HMS Grimsby (M108)
HMS Bangor (M109)
HMS Ramsey (M110)
HMS Blyth (M111)
HMS Shoreham (M112)
600 tonnes

Patrol vessels

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Patrol vessels (24 in Service)
River-class Korvette Severn P282 7946.jpg Offshore patrol vessel HMS Mersey (P283)
HMS Severn (P282)
HMS Tyne (P281)
HMS Clyde (P257)
1,700 tonnesN 2 Clyde is a modified River-class vessel stationed in the Falkland Islands.

Three new, larger patrol vessels are to come into service from 2017, potentially replacing Mersey, Severn and Tyne.12
P2000 or Archer-class HMS Raider MOD 45154486.jpg Patrol boat HMS Archer (P264)
HMS Biter (P270)
HMS Smiter (P272)
HMS Pursuer (P273)
HMS Blazer (P279)
HMS Dasher (P280)
HMS Puncher (P291)
HMS Charger (P292)
HMS Ranger (P293)
HMS Trumpeter (P294)
HMS Express (P163)
HMS Example (P165)
HMS Explorer (P164)
HMS Exploit (P167)
HMS Tracker (P274)
HMS Raider (P275)
54 tonnes Vessels belong to University Royal Naval Units. The only exceptions being Raider and Tracker, which are stationed at HMNB Clyde as the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron.
Scimitar-class Gibraltar Based Patrol Boat HMS Sabre MOD 45153356.jpg Patrol boat HMS Scimitar (P284)
HMS Sabre (P285)
24 tonnes The Gibraltar Squadron.
HMS Protector Antarctic patrol icebreaker HMS Protector (A173) 5,000 tonnes HMS Protector has now taken over from HMS Endurance.
HMS Endurance Antarctic patrol icebreaker HMS Endurance (A171) 6,500 tonnes HMS Endurance is currently laid up and will be scrapped in 2015.

Survey vessels

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Survey vessels (4 in Service)
Echo-class RIMG0257.JPG Multi-purpose survey vessel HMS Echo (H87)
HMS Enterprise (H88)
3,470 tonnes
HMS Scott Visits King George Island in the Antarctic MOD 45152332.jpg Ocean survey vessel HMS Scott (H131) 13,500 tonnes
Gleaner2005.jpg Coastal survey vessel HMSML Gleaner (H86) 26 tonnes

Classic ships

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Classic ships (2 in Service)
HMSVictoryPortsmouthEngland.jpg Ship of the line HMS Victory 3,556 tonnes Flagship of the First Sea Lord, permanently docked in Portsmouth Naval Base.13
Type 82 or Bristol-class HMS Bristol Portsmouth 2008.jpg Guided missile destroyer HMS Bristol (D23) 6,400 tonnes14 Significantly modified to act as a training vessel; permanently docked in Portsmouth Harbour.


Silhouettes of major fleet units;

Invincible-class STOVL aircraft carrier
Landing platform helicopter (Ocean)
Albion-class landing platform dock
Daring-class Type 45 destroyer
Duke-class Type 23 frigate
Vanguard-class SSBN.
Astute-class SSN.

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  1. ^ Displacement when dived.
  2. ^ HMS Clyde has a displacement of 1,850 tonnes.


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