London Underground C69 and C77 Stock

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C69/C77 Stock
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C69 stock on the left, D78 on the right
Manufacturer Metro-Cammell
In service 1970–2014 (C69)
1977–2014 (C77)
Lines served District line Wimbledon Branch
Length per car DM 16.03 m
T 14.94 m
Width 2.92 m
Height 3.68 m
Weight DM 31.70 tonnes
T 20.2 tonnes
Stock type Subsurface
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The C Stock, consisting of C69 and C77 Stock, runs on London Underground's District line between Edgware Road and Wimbledon. It is maintained at Hammersmith Depot. Following the withdrawal of A stock in 2012, the C stock is the oldest passenger train in service on London Underground and also on any rapid transit system in the United Kingdom.

The C stock has been replaced by S Stock on the Circle Line and Hammersmith & City Line since 11 February 2014. It is also due to be replaced on the District line by June 2014. The trains will either be preserved as museum exhibits or scrapped. It has now been confirmed that the farewell tour for this stock is scheduled for 29 June 2014,1 although its last day in service may be well before this date.


In 1968 C69 stock 6-car trains were ordered from Metropolitan–Cammell of Birmingham to replace O/P Stock on the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines for delivery from 1969, but trials of a four-car unit were delayed until summer 1970.2 C77 stock was ordered later to work the District line Edgware Road services.3

A car was added to the C77 order to replace C69 car 5585, damaged in the West Ham IRA bomb attack in March 1976. Unit 5585-6585 became a hybrid C69/C77 unit and was selected for a trial refurbishment in 1989 at BREL, Derby.citation needed

Unit 5606-6606, which had been used for various equipment trials, were scrapped in December 1994. Cars 6505 and 6713 were damaged in the "7/7" 2005 bombings and were scrapped above the solebar. The remains were used in the building of new cars 6606 (the second car with this number) and 6734 as C08 stock. They were paired with 5505 and 5713, renumbered 5606 and 5734 to match their partners. 5548+6548 were rebuilt in part following the bombings.


The stock is made up of three two-car units, a 52 feet 7 inches (16.03 m) driving motor and a 49 feet (15 m) trailer, each with four pairs of doors on each side and seating 32 people.4 The stock had a public address system and rheostatic brakes on the driving motor.56 Although there are technical differences, units of different ages can be coupled together3 and since the 1991–94 refurbishment there are no visual differences.67 The stock was unpainted until refurbishment, then painted red, white and blue.6

C69 Stock interior (Hammersmith & City Line) at King's Cross St. Pancras on 6 June 2010.

When delivered, the cars were divided by partitions adjacent to each set of doors, with two facing pairs of transverse seats on each side of the aisle, giving limited standing room. The partition wall contained a large backlit advertising space above the aisle opening. When the stock was refurbished in 1990-94 these features were removed.


The stock operates on the District line between Edgware Road and Wimbledon.


C69 Stock DMs were numbered 5501-5606 plus trailers 6501-6606; C77 Stock 5585(2), 5701-5733, 6701-6733 and renumbered 5734; C08s Stock 6606(2) and 6734.


The stock will be replaced between 2012 and 2014 by S7 Stock.8 Set 5595+6595 was cannibalised in 2011 as a trial programme, and this will result in a planned withdrawal until 2014. In July 2012, set 5532+6532 and 5575+6575 was damaged beyond repair at Hammersmith depot after a collision (a minor side swipe). It was sent to the Northwood sidings on 15 October 2012, and taken to Eastleigh Works to be scrapped. Withdrawal commenced on 2 January 2013, when the first full 6-car train, 5515+6515, 5519+6519 and 5732+6732, was taken to Northwood sidings and loaded on trucks to be scrapped. A withdrawal is expected to be made every 1-2 weeks until 2014, but due to delays with the introduction of S7 Stock owing to modifications needed to be made to the S8 Stock the withdrawal process was temporarily halted. On 26 April 2013, the process resumed with 5528+5588+5701 being transferred to Acton Works for removal from the system. On 11 February 2014, the Circle Line and Hammersmith & City Line no longer operated with C Stock. As from 23 February C Stock workings were reduced to 4 Wimbledon-Edgware Road trains, with 8 trains left in total.

Post-withdrawal use

Subseries Car number(s) Notes
C77 Stock 5701 Donated by Transport for London to the Royal Greenwich University Technical College on 28 June 2013.9



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