Long Island Roller Rebels

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Long Island Roller Rebels
League logo
Metro area New York
Country United States
Teams All Stars (A team)
Rock-A-Betty Bruisers (B team)
Ladies of Laceration
Wicked Wheelers
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Skate Safe America, Old Bethpage
Affiliations WFTDA
Website www.longislandrollerrebels.com

The Long Island Roller Rebels (LIRR) are a roller derby league based on Long Island, New York. Founded in 2005,1 the league currently consists of two teams, and two mixed teams which compete against teams from other leagues.

The league was initially known as the "Rockabetty Bruisers",2 and was aided in its early days by the Gotham Girls Roller Derby.3 They were early members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, competing in the East Region.4

The league's mixed teams have participated in interleague bouts against teams across the east coast of the United States, reaching as far as Maine.1 By 2009, their intraleague bouts were attracting around 350 to 400 fans to their regular venue, in Old Bethpage, New York, many of whom had previously watched banked track games.5 Their 2010 season featured a tournament involving twelve teams from New York State,6

In 2011, the Roller Rebels competed in the East Coast Derby Extravaganza,7 and also played a bout at the Men's Roller Derby Association Championships, which were held in their Old Bethpage rink.8


Season Q4 ranking9 Playoffs Championship
2009 16 DNQ DNQ
2010 17 DNQ DNQ
2011 21 DNQ DNQ
2012 17 DNQ DNQ


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