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Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Bourse de Luxembourg
Bourse vu Lëtzebuerg
Börse Luxemburg
Type Stock Exchange
Location Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Coordinates 49°36′46.0″N 06°07′14.5″E / 49.612778°N 6.120694°E / 49.612778; 6.120694
Founded 5 April 1928
Owner Société de la Bourse de Luxembourg S.A.
Key people Frank Wagener (Chairman)
Robert Scharfe (President and CEO)
Currency Euro
No. of listings 49,097 (end 2008)1
Market cap €357.3bn (end 2006)1
Indexes LuxX Index

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (Luxembourgish: Bourse vu Lëtzebuerg, French: Bourse de Luxembourg, German: Börse Luxemburg) is a stock exchange based in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg.

The Exchange is located on boulevard Joseph II.2 The Chairman of the Board is Frank Wagener3 and the President of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer is Robert Scharfe.

The Exchange has pre-opening sessions from 07:15am to 09:00am and normal trading sessions from 09:00am to 05:35pm on all days of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays declared by the Exchange in advance.4


It specialises primarily in the listing of international bonds, in which it is ranked first in Europe, with 32,933 debt securities listed on the Exchange as of 2008.1 The Luxembourg Stock Exchange was the first exchange to list a Eurobond, with the issue of Italian Autostrade bonds in 1963,5 and, to this day, Luxembourg has maintained a dominant position in European bond issues, with approximately 60% of all cross-border securities in Europe being listed in Luxembourg.5 Fifty countries list at least some of their sovereign debt in Luxembourg, whilst Luxembourg is also a market for debt from the EBRD, European Commission, European Investment Bank, and World Bank.5


Luxembourg Stock Exchange's main equity index is called the LuxX Index, which is a weighted index of the ten most valuable listed stocks by free floated market capitalisation.6 The index was fixed at 1,000 on 4 January 1999: the first day of trading after Luxembourg adopted the euro.6 The ten companies currently included in the listing are:

Company Industry Country Weighting
Aperam ne Metals  LUX 7.40%
Arcelor Mittal Steel  LUX 20.61%
BIP Investment Partners Investment  LUX 2.21%
Foyer Insurance  LUX 0.87%
KBC Group Banking  BEL 9.63%
Luxempart Investment  LUX 3.05%
Reinet Investments Investment  LUX 19.95%
RTL Group Media  LUX 12.10%
SES Telecommunications  LUX 19.91%
Socfinaf Resource extraction  LUX 2.06%
Socfinasia Resource extraction  LUX 2.20%
Source: Luxembourg Stock Exchange, as of January 5, 2013


A law establishing a stock exchange in Luxembourg was passed on 30 December 1927.7 The company was incorporated as the Société Anonyme de la Bourse de Luxembourg on 5 April 1928,8 with an initial issue of 7,000 shares, each valued at 1000 francs.9

In November 2000, it entered into an agreement with Euronext.


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