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Position of Meilahti within Helsinki
Subdivisions of Helsinki
Subdivision number 15
District Western
Area 2.12 km²
Population data
 - Population 6,792
 - Pop. density 3,090 /km²
Postal codes 00270, 00250
Subdivision regions
Neighbouring subdivisions Vanha Munkkiniemi, Laakso, Ruskeasuo, Kuusisaari, Lehtisaari, Taka-Töölö, Etu-Töölö

Meilahti (in Swedish Mejlans) is a neighbourhood of Helsinki between Mannerheimintie (the main entrance road to Helsinki) and a bay named Seurasaarenselkä. Most of the houses in Meilahti were built in the 1930s and 1940s. Meilahti is home to over 6700 people, including Sauli Niinistö, the President of Finland, who lives in Mäntyniemi, the President's official residence. Jyrki Katainen, the Prime Minister of Finland, also has an official residence in Meilahti, namely Kesäranta.

Several hospitals are located in this district, including the Meilahti Hospital of the Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH).

Neighbourhoods surrounding Meilahti are Töölö, Munkkiniemi, Ruskeasuo, Pikku Huopalahti and Laakso.

For the 1952 Summer Olympics, the neighborhood hosted the rowing events.

View along Mannerheimintie with apartment buildings of Meilahti to the left, and those of Laakso to the right


Coordinates: 60°11′N 24°54′E / 60.183°N 24.900°E / 60.183; 24.900

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