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Michael E. Heisley, Sr.
Born March 13, 1937
Washington, D.C.
Residence Chicago, Illinois
Citizenship United States
Education Georgetown University
Occupation businessman
Known for owner of the Memphis Grizzlies
Net worth Increase US $ 1.6 billion (est.)
Spouse(s) Married, 5 children

Michael E. Heisley (born March 13, 1937) is an American businessman and former majority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies.2 He orchestrated the move of the team from Vancouver in 2001,34 after promising to keep the franchise in Vancouver when he purchased it in 2000.5 He agreed in 2006 to sell his 70% controlling stake in the Grizzlies to a consortium including Christian Laettner and Brian Davis,6 but the group missed a deadline for the purchase7 and Heisley found no other bidder willing to meet the team's $300M asking price.8

In 2012 Heisley decided to sell the Grizzlies and step aside from all of his corporate interests due to his advancing age. The team announced on June 11, 2012, that Ubiquiti Networks founder Robert J. Pera would be purchasing the team, but Heisley will remain on board until the sale is finalized.9

Personal life

Heisley, a computer salesman by background,1 was born in Washington, D.C., grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, and has residences in Chicago, Illinois,10 and Jupiter Island, Florida.11 He is a graduate of Georgetown University,11 and is married with five children.11 He has appeared several times on the Forbes rich list.1

Heisley is also involved in multiple business ventures, such as:

  • Heico Holding, Inc.11
  • The Heico Companies, LLC 5
  • Heico Acquisitions 12
  • Stony Lane Partners 11

A computer salesman by trade, he used $150,000 from selling his home and $10 million in bank loans to acquire Conco, maker of sewer and drain equipment. Later Heisley expanded his holdings through the purchase of several near-bankrupt Rust Belt manufacturers. As of 2009, Heico operates 40 companies, largely in steel, construction, and equipment.

He is involved with the Heisley Family Foundation.13


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