NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series

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NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series
Logo s ovalprodwc.jpg
NASCAR Series World Championship logo used from 2010 to 2013
Category Online racing
Country International
Inaugural season 2010
Drivers 50
Drivers' champion Tyler Hudson
Official website,

The NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series (NPAS) is an online stock car racing simulation series officially sanctioned by NASCAR and hosted by It is the top level of the NASCAR Series. The inaugural season of NiSWC started on February 9, 2010, and each year, the series features the top 50 drivers of the lower-level NASCAR iRacing Pro Series. In February 2014, iRacing and Old World Industries announced a three year agreement in which its PEAK Antifreeze brand would sponsor the Premier series of iRacing.1


Much of the structure, rules and details of NiSWC mimic the current NASCAR Sprint Cup series in a computer simulation form. The series is 39 weeks long with 18 races in total, and utilizes simulated versions of the Sprint Cup Gen-6 Chevrolet SS and Ford Fusion and virtual counterparts of official NASCAR tracks. The series has a total of 50 drivers and the points system is based on the current scoring system used in the Sprint Cup Series.2

Drivers wishing to take part in the NiSWC must first progress through the standard license program and earn a Pro-level license limited to the bottom 25 participants from the latest season of the NiSWC, as well as the top 10 non-DWC/non-Pro licensed finishers in each of the first three seasons of iRacing's NASCAR Class A series for that calendar year. These 55 competitors take part in the NASCAR Pro Series that runs during the NiSWC's off-season (iRacing's Season 4), and the top 25 drivers from the Pro Series will enter the NiSWC.2 For 2014, the eligibility process was changed so that the top 20 class A drivers from the NASCAR iRacing Series Open, a series that runs congruent to the real life Sprint Cup series, will be eligible for the Pro Series. Also, the top 20 drivers from the previous seasons Pro Series would receive their World Championship license as well as a guaranteed entry into all of the World Championship races, along with the top 20 NiSWC drivers, while drivers 21-30 would remain Pro rated drivers but would have to qualify for each race.

2013 Schedule

Race schedule for the 2013 season. This season was delayed by 4 weeks due to the introduction of the Gen6 car to the service. All races start at 2:00 GMT (9:00 EST) on the previous day. Unlike previous seasons, only the top-20 drivers from the 2013 NiSWC automatically transfer into the following season.

Race Track Date Winner
Ex Daytona International Speedway March 5 Tyler Hudson
1 Daytona International Speedway March 12 Adam Gilliland
2 Las Vegas Motor Speedway March 19 Marcus Lindsey
3 Phoenix International Raceway April 2 Michael Conti
4 Texas Motor Speedway April 16 Nick Ottinger
5 Richmond International Raceway April 30 Nick Ottinger
6 Darlington Raceway May 14 Nick Ottinger
Ex Charlotte Motor Speedway May 22 Thomas Lewandowski
7 Charlotte Motor Speedway May 30 Joey Brown
8 Pocono Raceway June 11 Ray Alfalla
9 Kentucky Speedway June 25 Nick Ottinger
10 Talladega Superspeedway July 9 Josh Laughton
11 Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 23 Jon Adams
12 New Hampshire Motor Speedway August 6 Michael Conti
13 Michigan International Speedway August 20 Ray Alfalla
14 Atlanta Motor Speedway September 3 Joey Brown
15 Chicagoland Speedway September 17 Tyler Hudson
16 Kansas Speedway September 24 Nick Ottinger
17 Dover International Speedway October 1 Nick Ottinger
18 Homestead-Miami Speedway October 15 Peter Bennett

Champion: Tyler Hudson

2012 Schedule

Race schedule for the 2012 season. All races start at 02:00 GMT (equates to 9 pm EST/EDT of the previous day).3

Race Track Date (GMT) Date (ET) Winner
1 Daytona International Speedway February 22 February 21 Jeremy Allen
2 Phoenix International Raceway March 7 March 6 Nick Ottinger
3 Chicagoland Speedway March 21 March 20 Ray Alfalla
4 Las Vegas Motor Speedway April 4 April 3 Jake Stergios
5 Texas Motor Speedway April 18 April 17 Ray Alfalla
6 Richmond International Raceway May 2 May 1 Steve Sheehan
7 Darlington Raceway May 16 May 15 Ray Alfalla
8 Charlotte Motor Speedway May 30 May 29 Nick Ottinger
9 Pocono Raceway June 13 June 12 Jon Adams
10 Kentucky Speedway June 27 June 26 Robert Hall
11 Dover International Speedway July 11 July 10 Kevin King
12 Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 25 July 24 Ray Alfalla
13 New Hampshire Motor Speedway August 8 August 7 Michael Conti
14 Michigan International Speedway August 22 August 21 Jason Karlavige
15 Atlanta Motor Speedway September 5 September 4 John Gorlinsky
16 Chicagoland Speedway September 19 September 18 Ray Alfalla
17 Homestead-Miami Speedway October 3 October 2 Kevin King

Champion: Ray Alfalla

2011 Schedule

Race schedule for the 2011 season. All races started at 02:00 GMT (equates to 9PM EST/EDT of the previous day).4

Race Track Date (GMT) Date (ET) Winner
1 Daytona International Speedway February 16 February 15 Ray Alfalla
2 Las Vegas Motor Speedway March 2 March 1 Brad Davies
3 Bristol Motor Speedway March 16 March 15 Thomas Hazard
4 Martinsville Speedway March 30 March 29 Josh Berry
5 Talladega Superspeedway April 13 April 12 Jeremy Allen
6 Richmond International Raceway April 27 April 26 Ray Alfalla
7 Darlington Raceway May 11 May 10 Brad Wright
8 Charlotte Motor Speedway May 25 May 24 Thomas Hazard
9 Pocono Raceway June 8 June 7 Steve Sheehan
10 Michigan International Speedway June 22 June 21 Steve Sheehan
11 New Hampshire Motor Speedway July 6 July 5 Derek Wood
12 Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 20 July 19 Brad Davies
13 Atlanta Motor Speedway August 3 August 2 John Gorlinsky
14 Chicagoland Speedway August 17 August 16 Brad Davies
15 Dover International Speedway August 31 August 30 Thomas Lewandowski
16 Texas Motor Speedway September 14 September 13 Ray Alfalla
17 Phoenix International Raceway September 28 September 27 Kevin King
18 Homestead-Miami Speedway October 12 October 11 John Gorlinsky

Champion: Ray Alfalla

2010 Schedule

Race schedule for the 2010 season. All races started at 02:00 GMT (equates to 9PM EST/EDT of the previous day).5

Race Track Date (GMT) Date (ET) Winner
1 Daytona International Speedway February 10 February 9 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
2 Las Vegas Motor Speedway February 24 February 23 Sandeep Banerjee
3 Bristol Motor Speedway March 10 March 9 Richard Towler
4 Martinsville Speedway March 24 March 23 Ray Alfalla
5 Phoenix International Raceway April 7 April 6 Josh Parker
6 Talladega Super Speedway April 21 April 20 Brad Davies
7 Darlington Raceway May 5 May 4 Josh Berry
8 Charlotte Motor Speedway May 19 May 18 Richard Towler
9 Michigan International Speedway June 2 June 1 Richard Towler
10 New Hampshire Motor Speedway June 16 June 15 Josh Berry
11 Daytona International Speedway June 30 June 29 John Gorlinsky
12 Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 14 July 13 Brad Davies
13 Texas Motor Speedway July 28 July 27 Derek Wood
14 Michigan International Speedway August 11 August 10 Derek Wood
15 Atlanta Motor Speedway August 25 August 24 Steve Sheehan
16 Richmond International Raceway September 8 September 7 Richard Towler
17 Chicagoland Speedway September 22 September 21 Derek Wood
18 Charlotte Motor Speedway October 6 October 5 Brad Davies

Champion: Richard Towler

Winners in the Series

Driver Wins
United States Alfalla, RayRay Alfalla 9
United States Davies, BradBrad Davies 6
England Towler, RichardRichard Towler 4
United States Gorlinsky, JohnJohn Gorlinsky 4
United States Wood, DerekDerek Wood 4
United States Sheehan, SteveSteve Sheehan 4
United States Berry, JoshJosh Berry 3
United States Ottinger, NickNick Ottinger 3
United States King, KevinKevin King 3
United States Adams, JonJon Adams 2
United States Allen, JeremyJeremy Allen 2
United States Conti, MichaelMichael Conti 3
United States Hazard, ThomasThomas Hazard 2
United States Earnhardt Jr., DaleDale Earnhardt Jr. 1
India Banerjee, SandeepSandeep Banerjee 1
United States Parker, JoshJosh Parker 1
United States Wright, BradBrad Wright 1
United States Lewandowski, ThomasThomas Lewandowski 1
United States Stergios, JakeJake Stergios 1
United States Hall, RobertRobert Hall 1
United States Karlavige, JasonJason Karlavige 1
United States Gilliland, AdamAdam Gilliland 1
United States Lindsey, MarcusMarcus Lindsey 1


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