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Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Native name 南海電気鉄道株式会社
Type public kabushiki gaisha
Traded as TYO: 9044
Industry ground transport
Predecessor(s) Nankai Railway Co., Ltd. (former parent company founded on June 16, 1884)
Founded Kudoyama, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan (March 28, 1925 (1925-03-28), Koyasan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.)
Headquarters Nankai Namba Building, Shikitsu-higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan
Registered office: Nankai Kaikan Building, Namba, Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan
  • rail transit
  • amusument park
  • real estate
  • shopping center
Revenue Decrease ¥181,869 million (March 2012)* 1
Operating income Decrease ¥18,294 million (March 2012)* 1
Net income Increase ¥5,686 million (March 2012)* 1
Total assets Decrease ¥789,591 million (March 2012)* 1
Total equity Increase ¥135,602 million (March 2012)* 1
Employees 2,734 (March 31, 2012)
  • Hankai Tramway Co., Ltd.
  • Nankai Bus Co., Ltd.
  • Nankai Rinkan Bus Co., Ltd.
  • Wakayama Bus Co., Ltd.
  • Kansai Airport Transport Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • Nankai Ferry Co., Ltd.
  • Nankai Fudosan Co., Ltd.
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Nankai 50000 series on rapi:t service
Nankai 12000 series on Southern service
Nankai 10000 series on Southern service
Nankai 6000 series
Nankai 8000 series on Southern service
Nankai 7000 series
Nankai 2000 series (Zoom car)
Semboku 3000 series
Nankai Namba Station & Swissôtel NANKAI OSAKA

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (南海電気鉄道株式会社 Nankai Denki Tetsudō Kabushiki-gaisha?) is a private railway in Japan. IC cards (PiTaPa and ICOCA) are accepted.

Nankai Railway Company (first) was founded on June 16, 1884, then became one of the companies that merge to form Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd. (Kin-nichi, present Kintetsu Corp.) in 1944. However Kin-nichi transferred the former Nankai Railway Company Lines to present Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (formerly named Koyasan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. from March 28, 1925 until March 14, 1947) on June 1, 1947. Nankai predates all electric railways in the Tokyo region.

The Nankai network branches out in a generally southern direction from Namba Station in Osaka. The Nankai Main Line connects Osaka to Wakayama, with an important spur branching to Kansai International Airport. The rapi:t α express connects Kansai International Airport to Namba in 34 minutes, with the rapi:t β taking 39 minutes with two additional stops. The Koya Line connects Osaka to Mt. Koya, headquarters of the Buddhist Shingon sect and a popular pilgrimage site.

The name Nankai (lit. South Sea) comes from the company's routes along the Nankaidō, the old highway that ran south from the capital along the seacoast.


Current lines

  • Nankai Line (南海線)
  • Koya Line (高野線)
    • Koya Line (高野線): Shiomibashi - Kishinosato-Tamade - Gokurakubashi
      • In operation: Namba - Gokurakubashi
      • Shiomibashi Line (汐見橋線, commonly called): Shiomibashi - Kishinosato-Tamade
    • Cable Line (鋼索線): Gokurakubashi - Koyasan

Past lines

  • Nankai Line (南海線)
    • Tennoji Branch Line (天王寺支線): Tengachaya - Tennoji (abandoned)
    • Kitajima Branch Line (北島支線): Wakayamashi - Kitajima - Higashi-Matsue (abandoned)
    • Wakayamako Line (和歌山港線): Wakayamako - Suiken (abandoned)
  • Kishigawa Line (貴志川線, dealt with Wakayama Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (和歌山電鐵株式会社)): Wakayama - Kishi
  • Osaka Tram Line (大阪軌道線)
    • Hankai Line (阪堺線): Ebisucho - Hamadera-eki-mae (dealt with Hankai Tramway Co., Ltd.)
    • Uemachi Line (上町線): Tennoji-eki-mae - Sumiyoshikoen (dealt with Hankai Tramway Co., Ltd.)
    • Hirano Line (平野線): Imaike - Hirano (abandoned)
    • Ohama Branch Line (大浜支線): Shukuin - Ohama-kaigan (abandoned)
  • Wakayama Tram Line (和歌山軌道線): Wakayamashi-eki, Wakayama-eki - Kainan, Shin-Wakaura (abandoned)

Rolling stock

Limited express trains

  • 50000 series — used on rapi:t service between Namba and Kansai airport
  • 31000 series — used on Kōya service between Namba and Gokurakubashi
  • 30000 series — used on Kōya service between Namba and Gokurakubashi
  • 12000 series — used on Southern service reserved car between Namba and Wakayamakō
  • 11000 series — used on Rinkan service between Namba and Hashimoto
  • 10000 series — used on Southern service reserved car between Namba and Wakayamakō

Nankai Line, Airport Line

Kōya Line Commuter car (Namba-Hashimoto)

Kōya Line Zoom car (Namba-Gokurakubashi)

Takashinohama Line, Tanagawa Line, Kada Line, Shiomibashi Line

Cable Line

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