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The Medical Service Corps is a staff corps of the United States Navy, consisting of officers engaged in medical support duties. It includes healthcare scientists and researchers, comprising around 60% of its personnel, and healthcare administrators, comprising the remaining 40%.1 Many of the latter are former enlisted hospital corpsmen, this being the hospital corpsman's route to commissioned status. The Medical Service Corps has around 2,600 serving commissioned officers.2

The Navy Medical Service Corps was created on 4 August 1947 by act of the United States Congress. Originally it had four specialist sections: Supply and Administration, Optometry, Allied Sciences, and Pharmacy.1 Currently the Navy Medical Service Corps has three sections: Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Sciences, and Clinical Care Providers.

Healthcare Sciences are subdivided into the following fields of specialty:

Aerospace Experimental Psychology
Aerospace Physiology
Environmental Health1
Industrial Hygiene
Medical Technology1
Research Physiology
Radiation Health
Research Psychology

Clinical Care Providers are subdivided into the following fields of specialty:

Clinical Psychology1
Dietitian/Food Management1
Occupational Therapy1
Physical Therapy1
Physician Assistant1
Social Work1

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