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The parliament of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Assembly of the Republic (Cumhuriyet Meclisi) has 50 members, elected for a five-year term by mitigated proportional representation. A party must cross the election threshold (5% of the total vote) to get any seats in parliament. The TRNC parliament is composed of 50 MPs, chosen from five electoral districts, Lefkoşa, Gazimağusa, Girne, Güzelyurt and İskele.

In TRNC parliamentary elections, voters vote for individual candidates. There are two ways of voting.

  • Voters can either vote for a party, which in effect is voting for every MP candidate from that party in that elections district once. The voter can further prioritize the MPs in this kind of voting.
  • Or alternatively the voter may not choose a party but would vote for different MP candidates from different parties. In this kind of mixed voting, a person can not choose more than the number of MPs from that district.

2009 Parliamentary elections

The latest parliamentary elections in TRNC were held on April 18, 2009 as early elections.

e • d Summary of the 19 April 2009 Northern Cyprus election results
Parties Votes Vote % Seats +/–
National Unity Party (Ulusal Birlik Partisi) 622.804 44.07% 26 +7
Republican Turkish Party (Cumhuriyetçi Türk Partisi) 415.574 29.15% 15 –9
Democratic Party (Demokrat Partisi) 150.695 10.65% 5 –1
Communal Democracy Party (Toplumcu Demokrasi Partisi) 97.334 6.87% 2 +1
Freedom and Reform Party (Özgürlük ve Reform Partisi) 87.879 6.20% 2 +2
United Cyprus Party (Birleşik Kıbrıs Partisi) 34.239 2.42%
Politics for the People Party (Halk İçin Siyaset Partisi) 7.091 0.50%
Independents 836 0.14% –3
Totals (turnout 81.42%) 1.416.452 100.00 50
Sources: World Bulletin Zaman

Assembly Buildings

The Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti is located on Osmanpaşa Cd in the Turkish sector of Nicosia across from the Turkish Embassay in Northern Cyprus. The building is a two storey colonial structure.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

In 2004, the Turkish Cypriot community was awarded "observer status" in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). Since then, the two Turkish Cypriot representatives of PACE are elected in the Assembly of Northern Cyprus to represent the people in PACE:1

2005-2007: CTP Özdil Nami; UBP Huseyin Ozgurgun2
27.01.2011: CTP Mehmet Caglar; UBP Ahmet Eti3
04.12.2013: CTP Mehmet Caglar, UBP Tahsin Ertugruloglu4

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