Pittsburgh mayoral election, 2001

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The Mayoral election of 2001 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was held on Tuesday, November 6, 2001. The incumbent mayor, Tom Murphy of the Democratic Party was running for a record-tying third straight term.

Primary elections

Tom Murphy had a very close and personal primary battle with City Council President and future mayor Bob O'Connor. Murphy won the primary by just a few hundred votes, and in later years this primary battle was the subject of a Federal District Attorney and U.S. Department of Justice probe. It was alleged but never proven in court that Mayor Murphy had a quid pro quo with the powerful Firefighters union in the city, promising to exempt them from city wide budget cuts in return for "bought" votes.

Pittsburgh mayoral election, 20011
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Tom Murphy 32,683 48.3
Democratic Bob O'Connor 31,984 47.3
Democratic Leroy Hodge 1,659 2.5
Democratic Joshua Pollock 1,094 1.6
Democratic Earl V. Jones, Sr. 237 0.4
Turnout 67,657

General election

A total of 52,839 votes were cast in the heavily Democratic city. As expected, Murphy won by a huge margin over James Carmine, a philosophy professor at Carlow University.

Pittsburgh mayoral election, 20011
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Tom Murphy 39,257 74.3
Republican James Carmine 12,175 23.0
Turnout 52,839
Democratic hold Swing


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