Presidential Seal of Turkey

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Presidential Seal of Turkey
Emblem of the President of Turkey.svg
Armiger President of Turkey
Adopted 1923
Escutcheon A red circle with a large 16-pointed star (the Sun) in the center, which is surrounded by 16 five-pointed stars.
Presidential Flag of Turkey.

The Presidential Seal of Turkey is the official seal of the President of Turkey.

It has a large 16-pointed star (the Sun, symbolizing the Republic of Turkey) in the center, which is surrounded by 16 five-pointed stars, symbolizing the 16 Great Turkish Empires in history.1

The roots of the Presidential Seal and Presidential Flag of Turkey go back to September 1922, when a similar flag was used on the automobile that took Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to İzmir during the final days of the Turkish War of Independence.1 This flag is currently on display at the Anıtkabir Museum in Ankara.1 The Presidential Flag's characteristics and proportions were legalized with the Sancak Talimatnamesi law on October 22, 1925.1 According to this law, the Presidential Seal's dimensions were defined as "70cm x 70cm", while the Sun in the center (which looked similar to the current one) was a 20-pointed star containing 10 sharp-edged and 10 oval-edged light rays.1 The "70cm x 70cm" dimensions of the Presidential Seal were maintained in the Turkish Flag Law of May 29, 1936; but were later reduced to "30cm x 30cm" with a new legal amendment that was made on September 14, 1937.1 The number of the light rays in the Sun of the Presidential Seal were reduced to 16 (8 long and 8 short light rays, all of them sharp-edged) in order to symbolize the 16 Turkic states in history, with another legal amendment on February 18, 1978.1 The seal and flag took their current shape and proportions with the final legal amendment on January 25, 1985.1

Historical Turkic states and empires on the Presidential Seal of Turkey

Turks had founded a series of short-lived states and empires in the history. In the seal each of these 16 historical Turkic states are represented by a star. According to the list the Ottoman Empire is the 15th and the Turkish Republic is the 16th star.

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