Rhinal sulcus

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Brain: Rhinal sulcus
Gehirn, basal - beschriftet lat.svg
Basal view of a human brain (Rhinal sulcus not labeled, but is visible posterior to parahippocampal gyrus.)
Latin sulcus rhinalis; fissura rhinalis; sulcus rhinicus; fissura rhinica
Gray's p.744
NeuroNames hier-22
NeuroLex ID birnlex_1368

In the human brain, the rhinencephalon appears as a longitudinal elevation, with a corresponding internal furrow, on the under surface of the hemisphere close to the lamina terminalis; it is separated from the lateral surface of the hemisphere by a furrow, the external rhinal fissure (or rhinal sulcus), and is continuous behind with that part of the hemisphere, which will ultimately form the anterior end of the temporal lobe.

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