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Rinpoche, also Rimboche, also Rinboqê (Tibetan: རིན་པོ་ཆེ་Wylie: rin-po-che, ZYPY: Rinboqê) A honorific term used in Tibetan language. It literally means "precious".

  • As a precious Gem. Jewel. Ratna.
  • As a Precious Substance.
  • As a Precious Place.
  • As a term of respect used in the context of Tibetan Buddhism as a way of showing respect in addressing those recognized as reincarnated, older, respected, notable, learned and / or an accomplished Lama or teacher of the Dharma.

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  • The New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan by Melvyn C. Goldstein, Editor ISBN 0-520-20437-9

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