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There are around 1.2 million Russians in Belarus,1 which accounts for 11.4% of the population of Belarus and builds up the largest national minority in the country.2

Many Russian-Belarusians are descendants of people who migrated to Belarus during the Soviet times, as technical specialists and military or administrative personnel.citation needed There is also a minor group of Old Believers who settled in Belarus in the Middle Ages.citation needed

In early Soviet times the Moscow-appointed Belarusian government was largelycitation needed formed from non-Belarusians like the Panteleimon Ponomarenko or Nikolay Gikalo.

There is a large proportion of ethnic Russians among the current political leadership around Alexander Lukashenko.citation needed

Censuses show a constant decline of the number of people identifying themselves as Russians in Belarus due to the process of assimilation.citation needed

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