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صادِق آباد
Sadiqabad is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 28°18′N 70°07′E / 28.300°N 70.117°E / 28.300; 70.117Coordinates: 28°18′N 70°07′E / 28.300°N 70.117°E / 28.300; 70.117
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Rahim Yar Khan
Tehsil Sadiqabad Tehsil
 • PreviousNazim Dr. Taloot Salim Bajwa
 • PreviousNaib Nazim Rais Akmal Warind
 • Total 30 km2 (10 sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 068
Number of Union councils 29

Sadiqabad (Urdu: صادِق آباد‎), (Punjabi: صادق آباد) is a city and capital of Sadiqabad Tehsil in Rahim Yar Khan District, Punjab province of Pakistan.12 It is situated at the border of Sindh and Punjab.

Sadiqabad, the most prominent Tehsil of Rahimyar Khan District, is named after Amīr Sadiq Mohammad Khan V of Bahawalpur Statecitation needed. The new city was inaugurated in 1948. The city has an estimated population of 205,797 with the tehsil as a whole having 760,769 inhabitants.citation needed

Sadiqabad is the main transport hub between Punjab and Sindh, both in goods and passenger transport.citation needed and there are now at least 10 colleges teaching the higher secondary school level.

Sadiqabad is known for its very peaceful environment. No incidence of riot, rebellion, civil disobedience, religious clashes or terrorism has been observed.


Sadiqabad is the southernmost city of Punjab province. To the east is Rahimyar Khan tehsil, and on the west is found Ghotki. Rajanpur District lies north of the city and the border with India is to the south. The city is served by a major railway line and Shahrah-e-Pakistan, also called KLP road, at 28°18'0" North, 70°8'0" East. A canal flows through the city, roughly dividing the old and new parts.

It is the largest tehsil in Rahimyar Khan district, measuring 865¼ square miles (2249 km²). Its boundary starts from the middle of Dandy and Reti railway stations. Extending beyond Adam Sahaba, in length and breadth the Tehsil is about 50 km by 50 km.

Urban areas within the city include Zikria Garden, Jinnah town, Setlite Town, New Town, Mazhar Fareed colony, Mian Ghulam Rasool Colony, Public Colony,Ghari Bager, and Arain colony.


Majority of people speaks Saraiki (Riasti),Punjabi & Sindhi Language. Urdu is also spoken in the city.

Major caste

Malana, Arain and Jutt caste forms the majority population of the citycitation needed while the rural areas have Mahar, Dhukkar, Solangi, Terhaily, Bhait, Saraikis in majority who are linked with agriculture and government jobs.citation needed


Sadiq Abad is very rich in agriculture. It is a fertile area, which produces large quantity of cotton, wheat and sugarcane beside many other less significant crops. A large number of gardens of mangoes and oranges are also here. The mango of Sadiqabad is famous for its fragrance and taste. The area of Manthar in Sadiqabad is famous for its fertility and every year gives a record production of wheat and cotton.


Sadiqabad is experiencing an industrial growth. The biggest industrial unit in the city was Fauji Fertilizer Company, which was also the largest fertilizer unit in the country, until Fatima Fertlizer Company started production, which is now the largest fertilizer unit of South Asia. There is a big unit of textile mills, beside many small looms. Sharex Laboratories manufacture medicine products. A newly built motorcycle assembling plant has started its production. There are about 56 cotton ginning factories, over 100 oil mills, 30 floor mills, a number of soap factories, nearly 15 marble factories, many cold storages for fruits, a nationwide milk product named Sheer Pak. As Sadiqabad is situated in a hot area, more than 60 ice factories are working in city. The extent of sugarcane processing can be guessed from the fact that there are two sugar mills in this tehsil, namely Jamal Din Wali Sugar Mills and United Sugar Mills in Walhar.


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