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Sandsting is a parish in the west of Mainland, Shetland forming a southern arm of the Walls Peninsula.1 It contains the hamlet of Garderhouse, and the islands of Vementry and Papa Littlecitation needed on the south side of St Magnus Bay, and comprehends a mainland district of about ten miles by eight between that bay, and Scalloway Bay.

The coast is partly bold, and cavernous; the seaboard is cut into sections by long bays; and the interior is mostly an assemblage of knolls and hillocks, with a profusion of heath and interspersions of moss.

The seats are Sandhouse, Garde and Reawick. The antiquities include standing stones, tumuli, Norse fortifications and old burial grounds.


  • The original article is based on Wilson, Rev. John The Gazetteer of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1882) Published by W. & A.K. Johnstone

Coordinates: 60°13′N 1°24′W / 60.217°N 1.400°W / 60.217; -1.400

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