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Elevation 335 m (1,099 ft)
Location Solomon Islands
Coordinates 8°17′30″S 156°31′0″E / 8.29167°S 156.51667°E / -8.29167; 156.51667Coordinates: 8°17′30″S 156°31′0″E / 8.29167°S 156.51667°E / -8.29167; 156.51667
Type Stratovolcanoes
Volcanic arc/belt Bougainville & Solomon Is.
Last eruption 1910 ± 10 years1

Simbo is an island in the Solomon Islands; it is located in the Western Province. It was known to early Europeans as Eddystone Island.2 Simbo is actually two main islands, one small island called Nusa Simbo separated by a saltwater lagoon from a larger one. Collectively the islands are known to the local people as Mandegugusu, while in the rest of the Solomons the islands are referred to as Simbo.3 Simbo has an active volcano called Ove as well several saltwater lagoons and a freshwater lake.

On April 2nd, 2007 Simbo was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami which is now known as the 2007 Solomon Islands earthquake. A 12 m tsunami destroyed two villages on the northern side of the island and killed 10 people.


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