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South Dakota State Senate
South Dakota State Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Type Upper House
Term limits 4 terms (8 years)
New session started January 11, 2013
President of the Senate Matt Michels, (R)
Since January 11, 2011
President Pro Tempore Bob Gray, (R)
Since January 8, 2008
Majority Leader Russell Olson, (R)
Since January 11, 2011
Minority Leader Jason Frerichs, (D)
Since January 11, 2011
Seats 35
S.D Senate Diagram.png
Political groups      Republican Party (28)
    Democratic Party (7)
Length of term 2 years
Authority Article III, South Dakota Constitution
Salary $12,000/term + per diem
Last election November 2, 2010
(35 seats)
Next election November 4, 2014
(35 seats)
Redistricting Legislative Control
Meeting place
South Dakota Senate Chamber.jpg
State Senate Chamber
South Dakota State Capitol
Pierre, South Dakota
South Dakota State Legislature

The Senate is the upper house of the South Dakota State Legislature. It is made up of 35 members, one representing each legislative district, and meets at the South Dakota State Capitol in Pierre.


South Dakota Senate Districts. Senate district boundaries are identical to the South Dakota House of Representative's districts, with one senator elected from each district.
87th Legislature (2013-2014)
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Vacant
End of previous legislature 30 5 35 0
Begin 28 7 35 0
Latest voting share 80% 20%


Position Name Party District
President Pro Tem of the Senate Bob Gray Republican 24
Majority Leader Russell Olson Republican 08
Assistant Majority Leader Larry Rhoden Republican 29
Minority Leader Jason Frerichs Democratic 01
Assistant Minority Leader Jim Hundstad Democratic 02

Members of the 86th Senate

District Senator Party Residence
1 Jason Frerichs Democratic Wilmot
2 Jim Hundstad Democratic Bath
3 Al Novstrup Republican Aberdeen
4 Tim Begalka Republican Clear Lake
5 Reid Holien Republican Watertown
6 Art Fryslie Republican Willow Lake
7 Larry Tidemann Republican Brookings
8 Russell Olson Republican Wentworth
9 Deb Peters Republican Hartford
10 Shantel Krebs Republican Sioux Falls
11 Todd Schlekeway Republican Sioux Falls
12 Mark Johnston Republican Sioux Falls
13 Phyllis Heineman Republican Sioux Falls
14 Joni Cutler Republican Sioux Falls
15 Angie Buhl Democratic Sioux Falls
16 Dan Lederman Republican Dakota Dunes
17 Eldon Nygaard Republican Vermillion
18 Jean Hunhoff Republican Yankton
19 Jim Putnam Republican Armour
20 Mike Vehle Republican Mitchell
21 Cooper Garnos Republican Presho
22 Tom Hansen Republican Huron
23 Corey Brown Republican Hoven
24 Bob Gray Republican Pierre
25 Timothy Race Republican Baltic
26 Billie Sutton Democratic Burke
27 Jim Bradford Democratic Pine Ridge
28 Ryan Maher Republican Isabel
29 Larry Rhoden Republican Union Center
30 Bruce Rampelberg Republican Rapid City
31 Tom Nelson Republican Lead
32 Alan Solano Republican Rapid City
33 Elizabeth Kraus Republican Rapid City
34 Craig Tieszen Republican Rapid City
35 Jeffrey Haverly Republican Rapid City

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