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Finland is divided into 70 sub-regional units1 (Finnish: seutukunta, Swedish: ekonomisk region). The sub-regions are formed by groups of municipalities within the 19 regions of Finland. The sub-regions represent a LAU 1 level of division used in conjunction with the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics.

Sub-regions grouped by regions

Regions of Finland

Lapland (1)

Northern Ostrobothnia (2)

Kainuu (3)

North Karelia (4)

Northern Savonia (5)

Southern Savonia (6)

Southern Ostrobothnia (7)

Ostrobothnia (8)

Pirkanmaa (9)

Satakunta (10)

Central Ostrobothnia (11)

Central Finland (12)

Finland Proper (13)

South Karelia (14)

Päijänne Tavastia (15)

Tavastia Proper (16)

Uusimaa (17 and 18)

Kymenlaakso (19)

Åland (20)

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