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Ubuntu TV
Ubuntu logo
Ubuntu TV screenshot.png
Company / developer Canonical Ltd.
OS family Unix-like
Working state In development
Source model open source
Initial release TBA
Update method APT (frontends available)
Package manager dpkg (frontends like Synaptic availablecitation needed)
Supported platforms x86, x86-64, ARM1
Kernel type monolithic (Linux kernel)
Userland GNU
Default user interface Unity
License GNU GPL v3
Official website www.ubuntu.com/tv

Ubuntu TV is a smart TV operating system developed by Canonical, based on the Ubuntu operating system and using the Unity user interface.234 It is designed for the living-room TV using a remote control.5

Ubuntu TV is a variant of the Ubuntu Linux distribution specially designed for embedded systems integrated into televisions. It was announced by Canonical at CES 2012 with the slogan "TV for human beings".6781 Ubuntu TV was shown at Mobile World Congress 2012.9 Ubuntu for Android will use the Ubuntu TV interface when connected to a TV.10


Ubuntu TV will be based on Ubuntu 12.04,11 is expected to have its own movie store,1 ability to record and play videos, DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc support,12 touch-ready interface12 ability to integrate all standard terrestrial broadcast system and also satellite and cable services,13 ability to stream music, photos and videos from a PC to the TV13 and applications designed specifically for Ubuntu TV.12

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