United States House of Representatives elections in Missouri, 2010

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The 2010 congressional elections in Missouri on November 2, 2010 to determine who will represent the state of Missouri in the United States House of Representatives. The primary election for candidates seeking the nomination of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party were held on August 3.

Missouri has nine seats in the House, apportioned according to the 2000 United States Census. Representatives are elected for two-year terms; those elected will serve in the 112th Congress from January 3, 2011 until January 3, 2013.

Match-up summary

District Incumbent 2010 Status Democratic Republican Libertarian Constitution Independent Write-In
1 William Lacy Clay, Jr. Re-election William Lacy Clay, Jr. Robyn Hamlin Julie Stone
2 Todd Akin Re-election Arthur Lieber Todd Akin Steve Mosbacher Patrick M. Cannon
3 Russ Carnahan Re-election Russ Carnahan Ed Martin Steven R. Hedrick Nicholas J. (Nick) Ivanovich Brian Wallner
4 Ike Skelton Re-election Ike Skelton Vicky Hartzler Jason Michael Braun Greg Cowan
5 Emanuel Cleaver II Re-election Emanuel Cleaver II Jacob Turk Randall D. (Randy) Langkraehr Dave Lay
6 Sam Graves Re-election Clint Hylton Sam Graves Kyle Yarber
7 Roy Blunt Open Scott Eckersley Billy Long Kevin Craig Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf
8 Jo Ann Emerson Re-election Tommy Sowers Jo Ann Emerson Rick Vandeven Larry Bill
9 Blaine Luetkemeyer Re-election Blaine Luetkemeyer Christopher W. Dwyer Jeff Reed

Source: Missouri Secretary of State


United States House of Representatives elections in Missouri, 20101
Party Votes Percentage Seats Before Seats After +/–
Republican 1,103,290 57.4% 5 6 +1
Democratic 708,064 36.8% 4 3 -1
Libertarian 92,485 4.80% 0 0 0
Independent 16,656 0.86% 0 0 0
Total 1,920,675 100.00% 9 9

District 1

Mo01 109.gif

Democratic incumbent William Lacy Clay, Jr. was running for reelection, challenged by Republican nominee Robyn Hamlin (campaign site, PVS) and Libertarian nominee Julie Stone (campaign site, PVS). Clay won the general election with 73.6% of the vote.2

In the Democratic primary, Clay won against Candice Britton (campaign site). In the Republican primary, Hamlin won against Martin D Baker (campaign site) and Marshall Works. In the Libertarian primary, Stone won against Robb E. Cunningham (campaign site).3

District 2

Missouri's 2nd congressional district.png

Republican incumbent Todd Akin won re-election to the House of Representatives in 2010 with 67.9% of the vote.4 He had been challenged for the seat by Democratic nominee Arthur Lieber (campaign site, PVS), Libertarian nominee Steve Mosbacher (campaign site, PVS), and write-in candidate Patrick M. Cannon (campaign site).

In the Republican primary, Akin won against William Haas (campaign site) and Jeffrey Lowe. Lieber and Mosbacher ran unopposed in their respective primaries.3

District 3

Mo03 109.gif

Democratic incumbent Russ Carnahan won reelection with 49% of the vote. He was challenged by Republican nominee Edward Martin Jr., Constitution Party nominee Nick Ivanovich (campaign site, PVS), and Libertarian nominee Steven Hedrick (campaign site, PVS). Brian Wallner qualified as a write-in candidate.

In the Democratic primary, Carnahan easily defeated David Arnold and Edward Crim. In the Republican primary, Martin defeated John Wayne Tucker and Rusty Wallace, receiving 67% of the vote.3


Poll Source Dates Administered Russ Carnahan (D) Ed Martin (R) Undecided
American Action Forum August 16–21, 2010 54% 38% 8%
WeAskAmerica August 17, 2010 48.1% 38.83% 13.07%

District 4

Mo04 108.gif

Democratic incumbent Ike Skelton ran for reelection, challenged by Republican nominee Vicky Hartzler (campaign site), Libertarian nominee Jason Braun (PVS), and Constitution nominee Greg Cowan (campaign site, PVS).

In the Democratic primary, Skelton won against Leonard Steinman. In the Republican primary, Hartzler won against James Scholz (campaign site), Arthur John Madden (campaign site), Roy Viessmann (campaign site), Brian Riley (campaign site), Bill Stouffer (campaign site), Brian Clark, Eric James McElroy, and Jeff Parnell (campaign site). In the Libertarian primary, Jason Michael Braun won against Thomas Holbrook II. In the Constitution primary, Cowan ran unopposed.3


Poll Source Dates Administered Ike Skelton (D) Vicky Hartzler (R) Undecided
KY3/Missouri State University October 20-27, 2010 45.7% 38.8% -
Wilson Research Strategies October 17-18, 2010 42% 42% -
KY3/Missouri State University August 7-22, 2010 46.7% 34.6% -
WeAskAmerica August 17, 2010 45.18% 41.73% 13.09%

District 5

MO 5th Congressional District.png

Democratic incumbent Emanuel Cleaver is running for reelection, challenged by Republican nominee Jacob Turk (campaign site, PVS), Libertarian nominee Randy Langkraehr (campaign site, PVS), and Constitution Party nominee Dave Lay (campaign site, PVS).

In the Republican primary, Turk won against Patrick Haake (campaign site), Ralph Sheffield, Jerry Fowler (campaign website), and Ron Shawd (campaign site). Cleaver, Langkraehr and Lay ran unopposed in their respective primaries.3

District 6


Republican incumbent Sam Graves was reelected defeating Democratic nominee Clint Hylton (campaign site, PVS) and write-in candidate Kyle Yarber (campaign site). Hylton was an Excelsior Springs, Missouri insurance agent who lived on a farm in Polo, Missouri.

In the Republican primary, Graves won against Christopher Ryan. In the Democratic primary, Hylton ran unopposed.3

District 7


This was an open seat as Republican incumbent Roy Blunt ran for (and was elected to) the U.S. Senate. Republican nominee Billy Long (campaign site, PVS), Democratic nominee Scott Eckersley (campaign site, PVS), and Libertarian nominee Kevin Craig (campaign site, PVS) were on the ballot. Independent Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf (campaign site) qualified as a write-in candidate.3

In the Republican primary, Long defeated Jeff Wisdom, Gary Nodler, Mike Moon, Darrell L Moore, Jack Goodman, Michael Wardell, and Steve Hunter. In the Democratic primary, Eckersley defeated Tim Davis.

District 8


Republican incumbent Jo Ann Emerson is being challenged by Democratic nominee Tommy Sowers, Libertarian Rick Vandeven (campaign site, PVS), and Independent Larry Bill (campaign site, PVS).

In the Republican primary, Emerson won against Robert Parker (campaign site). Sowers and Vandeven ran unopposed in their respective primaries.3

District 9


Republican incumbent Blaine Luetkemeyer is running for reelection, challenged by Libertarian nominee Christopher W Dwyer (campaign site, PVS) and write-in candidate Jeff Reed (campaign site).

In the Republican primary, Luetkemeyer won against James Baker. In the Libertarian primary, Dwyer won against Steven Wilson. No candidates ran in the Democratic primary.3


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