United States presidential election in Pennsylvania, 1912

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United States presidential election in Pennsylvania, 1912
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November 5, 1912
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  Theodore Roosevelt-Pach.jpg Woodrow Wilson-H&E.jpg
Nominee Theodore Roosevelt Woodrow Wilson
Party Progressive Democratic
Home state New York New Jersey
Running mate Hiram Johnson Thomas R. Marshall
Electoral vote 38 0
Popular vote 444,894 395,637
Percentage 36.53% 32.49%

  William Howard Taft.jpg EugeneVictorDebs.png
Nominee William Howard Taft Eugene Victor Debs
Party Republican Socialist
Home state Ohio Indiana
Running mate Nicholas M. Butler

(replaced James S. Sherman)

Emil Seidel
Electoral vote 0 0
Popular vote 273,360 83,614
Percentage 22.45% 6.87%

Pennsylvania Presidential Election Results by County, 1912.svg

County results*
*Red denotes a Taft victory—Debs did not carry any counties

The 1912 United States presidential election in Pennsylvania took place on November 5, 1912 throughout the continuous 48 states. This was the first time that Arizona and New Mexico took part in a presidential election having been admitted to the Union earlier in the year. Voters chose 38 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for President and Vice President.

This election was a four-way contest. Pennsylvania voted for the Progressive nominee former President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt over the Democratic nominee New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson, Republican nominee President William Howard Taft, and Socialist Party of America nominee union leader Eugene V. Debs. Roosevelt won Pennsylvania by a margin of 4.04%.


United States presidential 1
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Progressive Theodore Roosevelt 444,894 36.53% 38
Democratic Woodrow Wilson 395,637 32.49% 0
Republican William Howard Taft 273,360 22.45% 0
Socialist Eugene V. Debs 83,614 6.87% 0
Prohibition Eugene Chafin 19,525 1.60% 0
Socialist Labor Arthur Reimer 706 0.06% 0


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