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As an editor, my main focus is ice hockey. I specialise particularly with goaltenders and the history of the game. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Selected articles

It was the beginning of May in Southern Ontario, but the lake was swimmable. At least for me.

In my years with project, I have written numerous articles, of which many have been featured in the Did You Know? section, or listed as a Good article, Featured article, or Featured list. Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order:

  • There have been eleven goals scored by goaltenders in the NHL. Billy Smith was credited with the first such goal in 1979 after an opponent's own goal, but Ron Hextall scored two in the 1980s by shooting the puck into the net. Martin Brodeur has also two goals to his name, and like Hextall, one in the regular season and the other in the playoffs.
  • Tiny Thompson was a goaltender who played most of his career for the Boston Bruins. He retired with 81 shutouts, presently sixth on the all-time list. He was one of the first goaltenders to catch the puck to make a save, and was the first to make an assist by intentionally passing the puck.
  • Hurricane Hazel was a 1954 hurricane that reached Toronto as a Category 1 storm. It formed east of Grenada, and tracked west, before making a sudden turn north to strike Haiti. It continued north and reached the Carolinas as a Category 4 hurricane. It kept significant strength as it went towards Canada, catching Torontonians off-guard. The damages caused led to conversion of low-lying areas along Toronto's rivers to be converted into parkland.
  • Goaltender Teiji Honma represented Japan at 1936 Winter Olympics. While not much is known about the man, he is noted for wearing a peculiar mask in nets, somewhat similar to what a catcher wears in baseball.
  • Jacques Plante is perhaps most famous for being the creator of the goaltender mask, in 1959. While he was not the first one to wear one in the NHL (Clint Benedict was), it was because of Plante that its use became accepted. He is also remembered for his tuques that he had knitted and worn before the joining the Canadiens, as well as playing the puck outside his crease. He won six Stanley Cups, a record seven Vezina Trophies, given to the best goaltender, and one Hart Memorial Trophy, given to the league's Most Valuable Player.
  • Paddy Moran played goal for the Quebec Bulldogs in the early 1900s. He stood out with how he guarded his crease, literally: he was liberal in using his goalstick to slash his opponent's ankles, and he used chewing tobacco during games, expectorating at players during scrums. Moran was reputed to wear oversize sweaters, which he used to catch pucks.
  • Pete Muldoon was a coach of the Chicago Black Hawks in the late 1920s, who allegedly cursed the team to never finish first, when he was fired in 1927 by Frederic McLaughlin, the owner. A fierce American patriot, McLaughlin ordered an "All-American team" for 1937–38 season; it won only 14 out of the 48 games, but proceeded to win the franchise's second Stanley Cup on the strength of the goaltending of Mike Karakas. The Curse of Muldoon held until 1967, when the Black Hawks finally finished first in the league standings.
  • Percy LeSueur played in nets for a Smiths Falls, Ontario, senior hockey club that was allowed to challenge the Ottawa Silver Seven for the Stanley Cup. While LeSueur's team lost both games of the match, by a combined score of 14–7, the Silver Seven were so impressed by his play that they immediately signed him to play for them, and he appeared for Ottawa in a challenge game nine days later after his Smiths Falls team was defeated.

There is a longer list at User:Maxim/Articles, but I have the feeling it's not entirely inclusive.


  • /Sandbox: Large page, inadvisable to load. Contains an old modified bot-generated list of hockey articles. I use the related changes as a hockey watchlist.
  • /Sandbox2: Presently contains list of possible articles to create.

More stuff

  • Filter 391: I wrote this filter to log and tag when the height or weight of a living person is changed in an infobox field by a new or unregistered user. Many of these edits are in fact sneaky vandalism, and the result of this filter may be patrolled through recent changes.

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