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I'm Severo. I'm from the United Kingdom and am in my mid-twenties. I contribute mostly to articles about cycle racing. If you bump into a Severo on another project, it is probably me, but I do not have the global Severo account on three projects, namely German, Italian and Portuguese Wikipedias. I also operate User:SeveroBot (only on English Wikipedia).

This editor is a Master Editor II and is entitled to display this Platinum Editor Star.

I originally come from Milton Keynes and I am currently (as of May 2011) looking at working more on Milton Keynes articles in readiness for the fiftieth birthday of designation (23 January 2017). The articles I plan to work on to create a Featured Topic are:

Articles May 2011
Milton Keynes C
Geography of Milton Keynes Red
List of people from Milton Keynes Red
History of Milton Keynes GA
Politics in Milton Keynes Red
Sport in Milton Keynes Start
Transport in Milton Keynes Red

This will require three featured articles (one of which would be Milton Keynes), three good articles and one featured list.


Stub sorting

  • Building and structure stubs by country for countries still without - possibly creating articles to get the categories to threshold.


Misc sport


  • Beefing out the elite European cycling championships pages.
  • Ensuring elite European championships medalists have correct medals in medal boxes/infoboxes
  • All cyclists to have place of birth categories.
    • Spain: place cyclists into people by comarca categories and then cyclists by autonomous community
  • All cyclists to be categorised by nationality and gender in single category.


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