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I am The Rambling Man. I've been about a bit, not as much as The Ramblin' Man (nor as long as The Running Man) but I've done my time. I first edited Wikipedia in May 2005 with a small modification to Harold Faltermeyer. The rest, as they say, is history. As of February 2014, I've made around 108,200 edits, some of them useful. I may not be around so much for a bit, that's life.....

Remember this encyclopaedia depends on the quality of its articles. Please, write a good stub from scratch, or improve an article from stub to B-class, or be inspired to create a good article or beyond.... That is, after all, what this entire project is about. When debating right or wrong, don't quote how big your balls are. Collectively.

Stuff I've been involved with

I'm also prone to helping a bit with the backlogs at good article nominations and peer reviews. I have a dedicated page for GANs that are ongoing.

Work in progress

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