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In the article "Battle of Ayta-Ash Shaab", it says that Hizbullah claims 200 Israeli KIA/WIA, and posts a link which leads to an interview with a Hezbollah fighter about this matter. In spite of it clearly being stated by the fighter and also, correctly translated, it is yet stated incorrectly on the article. He does not say "200 killed and wounded" - he says "not less than 50 casualties". From 04:22 and forwards.



Merger of 1517 Hebron pogrom and 1517 Safed pogrom articles

Following your remark at the talk:1834 Safed pogrom#page title, you are welcome to participate in merger procedure of 1517 Hebron pogrom and 1517 Safed pogrom articles into Jewish communities during the 1517 Ottoman-Mamluk war. Discuss it at talk:1517 Safed pogrom#Rename.GreyShark (dibra) 22:00, 18 March 2014 (UTC)

JSTOR Survey (and an update)

Hi! Just a quick update that while JSTOR and The Wikipedia Library discuss expanding the partnership, they've gone ahead and extended the pilot access again, until May 31st. Thanks, JSTOR!

It would be really helpful for growing the program if you would fill out this short survey about your usage and experience with JSTOR:


Cheers, Ocaasi via MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 20:47, 2 April 2014 (UTC)

Anti-IDF politicisation of Canada Park

Hi, you edited Canada Park many years ago, and sadly a similar POV issue reared its ugly head again today (zero0000 ...I bet you never heard of that guy, and surely you've never known him to ever be involved in political POV disputes? ;-) ).

Luckily, Pluto has resolved most of the POV issues which are specific to the Modern Era (1948 & 1967) -- although you may want to add


and please do check Canada Park in a week or month to be sure zero0000/etc didn't taint Pluto's edit with a new round of one-sided argument/POV, but also, I wonder if (Jethro or) you would like to review the rationale for adding a brief Ancient History sub-section as follows...since Canada Park is mainly an Archaeology Park to preserve the (ancient and medieval/other) ruins more than an attempt to really preserve the Palestinian ruins. Thus it only seems natural that an article about an Archaeology Park should bear at least a brief mention the periods of the historic era during which the ruins of forts therein were built: it's also relevant to 1947-8 & 1967 because the fort & castle were placed there to defend strategic high ground for the same reasons that Ayalon-Canada Park became a target in 1948/67. Here are some sub-sections that I was starting when zero0000 deleted it; maybe it shows more of a "consensus" if you expand on this concept instead of me [and I'll write the same to user/Ynhockey who commented on the talk page], also I can't edit today due to the 1-revert rule, and it helps to have "eyes on" the article to be sure they don't again taint what Pluto added:

---Ancient and medieval---

The site is identified by archaeologists as being built atop biblical Aijalon, which has been held by armies due to its strategic high ground in both ancient and modern times. Some of the antiquities/ruins at the Park and nearby tourist attractions are detailed in the "Further information" links at the top of this section, as well as more details about the region's history. ---Post WW2---

(need to replace the dashes (---) with equal signs (===) (talk) 19:21, 18 April 2014 (UTC)

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