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William David McIntyre OBE (born 1932) is a New Zealand historian. He was a professor in history at the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, before retiring from that position in 1997.1

He is an expert on the constitutional and military histories of the Commonwealth of Nations and British Empire, and it was in this capacity that he is published and has advised governments. He served as special advisor to the Committee on Commonwealth Membership.


Books written

  • 1966: Colonies into Commonwealth
  • 1967: The Imperial Frontier in the Tropics, 1865–75
  • 1969: Neutrality, Non-alignment, and New Zealand
  • 1969: Britain, New Zealand and the Security of South-East Asia in the 1970s
  • 1973: The Commonwealth: Its past, present, and future
  • 1977: The Commonwealth of Nations: Origins and impact, 1869–71
  • 1979: The Rise and Fall of Singapore Naval Base, 1919–42
  • 1988: New Zealand Prepares for War: Defence Policy 1919–39
  • 1991: The Significance of the Commonwealth
  • 1995: Background to the ANZUS Pact: Policy-making, strategy, and diplomacy, 1945–55
  • 1998: British Decolonization, 1946–1997: When, why, and how did the British Empire fall?

Books edited

  • 1971: Speeches and Documents on New Zealand History
  • 1980: The Journal of Henry Sewell, 1853–7


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