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Wallsend Metro station
Wallsend station is possibly the only station in Britain with signs in Latin.
Place Wallsend
Local authority North Tyneside
Fare zone information
Network One zone 2
Metro zone B
Original (1979) zone 27
Station code WSD
Opened 1839-06-19
Closed for conversion 1980-08-11
Metro since 1982-11-14
Tyne and Wear Metro
List of Tyne and Wear Metro stations
An image of the local Jobcentre facetiously labelled "Forum Venalicium" ("slave market")

Wallsend Metro station is located towards the centre of Wallsend, a town on the north bank of the River Tyne, in Tyne and Wear, England. The station was originally opened on 19 June 1839 by the Newcastle & North Shields Railway, and was reopened as a Tyne and Wear Metro station on 14 November 1982. When converted for Metro use, the unattractive station buildings were demolished, and the station was rebuilt in the standard Metro style.

Wallsend Metro station is the only public facility in Britain in which the signage is in Latin. This is a nod to its location near the Segedunum Roman fort at the end of Hadrian's Wall. The station also includes a number of photographs of local shops and facilities which have been digitally altered so that their names appear in Latin. It is one of the relatively few stations in England to have bilingual signage, others being Southall (which has signs in Punjabi) and St Pancras International (French), both in London.

Upon its opening it served as a major interchange, as it was located adjacent to the Wallsend bus station, which had facilities for the staff and drivers of the PTE's services. Wallsend bus station is a terminus for many local services and provides bus links to many points within North Tyneside and Newcastle, offering much more convenient stops for passengers than the Metro line itself, which by the nature of light rail cannot stop as often. In the late 1990s, Wallsend bus station lost its facilities for the staff, but retained its standing as a major terminus. In 2008-9 the metro station was used by 718,890 passengers.1

Ticketing anomalies

Different zonal fare systems are used for Metro single tickets and inter-modal Transfare tickets, which means that for a number of journeys a Transfare may actually be cheaper than a standard Metro-only ticket.

Station Network Zone Metro Zone
Byker 27 A
Chillingham Road 27 A

List of Bus Services

The following are the bus services currently using Wallsend Bus Station, correct to 24 March 2013. .2 3


  • Tyne and Wear Metro - Route serves a Tyne & Wear Metro station.
Route To Via Operator Days of Operation
(if not 7 days)
12 Fenham St.Anthonys, Byker & Newcastle Stagecoach in Newcastle
17 Whitley Bay Seafront Rosehill, Royal Quays & North Shields Tyne and Wear Metro Go North East & Nexus(#) Mon-Sat daytime.
Benton ASDA Hadrian Lodge
Note - 1 journey/hour extended to Cramlington, evening/Sun service operates Rosehill-Benton only (1 journey/hour extended to Cramlington), (#)Sunday service.
17A Whitley Bay Seafront Rosehill, North Shields & Preston Grange Nexus Mon-Sat evening & all-day Sun.
18 Forest Hall Walker, Byker Tyne and Wear Metro & Longbenton Stagecoach in Newcastle Mon-Sat daytime.
22 Throckley Leazes Byker Tyne and Wear Metro, Newcastle Tyne and Wear Metro & Lemington Stagecoach in Newcastle
40 Chapel House Byker Tyne and Wear Metro, Newcastle Tyne and Wear Metro & Denton Burn Stagecoach in Newcastle
Circular Service High Farm, Hadrian Park & Howden (40)
Howden, Hadrian Park & High Farm (41)
Go North East "North Tyne Links".
80 North Shields Tyne and Wear Metro Rosehill, Cobalt & North Tyneside General Hospital Go North East Mon-Sat daytime.
392 Marden Estate Rosehill, Billy Mill & North Shields Tyne and Wear Metro Go North East 1 journey, Mon-Fri.
DSS Longbenton Hadrian Lodge


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